HansaCrew – crewing everything afloat

crewing as a continuous workflow process

Dear Friends,
When we first introduced HansaCrew in 2006, we felt an almost unlimited enthusiasm
for the opportunities associated with a web based crew management information
system comprehending crewing as a continuous workflow process. From the very
beginning, we aimed at providing a technology contributing to a better future for
operations in global, competitive environments.
The crewing process as a workflow including many stakeholders working on different
tasks at the same time, monitored by a system aware of and considering all the requirements
for crews aboard international seagoing vessels, be they containerships, bulkers,
or tankers, provides manageability in complex situations. And yes, you can have it
all: save time and money AND at the same time increase reliability and quality of your
Now take same time to get to know HansaCrew. The following pages might inspire
you to join the growing HansaCrew family and become an influential part of its
further develpment.

Manfred Schreiner
Managing Director & Owner
Masters of Arts
Anwendungsentwicklung GmbH