Making sense of performance reports

“If there is one thing that’s plentiful at the moment, it’s data. We’ve produced more data in the last few years than in all of human history and we’re doubling it every two years.” (Fiona Reilly, Commercial Director of Travelport)

Since the early days of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, seastaff performance has been subject to rating processes. And you may rest assured that rating activities have not been cut back at all in the past. However, shipping companies need to create a comprehensive seastaff performance evaluation process on the basis of a number of specific indicators on the one hand while reducing both the required set of questions and the volume of reports as much as possible on the other. Solutions vary from consolidating the results into one unique number to putting together a list of up to a hundred of questions on competence, motivation, social behaviour, and more.

No matter how you choose to design performance reports, there is always the question of how to collect data in order to make some sense. Digital storage allows you to provide automatic reports and statistical analysis.

The brand-new HansaCrew Questionnaire takes you there. Define your own performance reports. Create all the questions meeting your evaluation needs, regardless of type and content. Store your data for later analysis to make the most of the data collected.

HansaCrew Questionnaire supports all types of questions such as single and multiple choice, (rating) scales and free text. It also supports an unlimited number of both predefined and free-form answers given by the seafarer. Forms created automatically on the basis of your definitions are straightforward and easy to handle. Thus, HansaCrew Questionnaire enables each and every shipping company to create its very own tailor-made performance reports while at the same time benefiting from the advantages of electronic reporting and statistical analysis.