HansaCrew On Board – HansaCrew enters the ship(s)

HansaCrew On Board – the master’s onboard solution. Finally a stand alone application which does not refer to other installed programs, databases or servers

Since its very beginning HansaCrew pursues the idea that no data should be typed in manually twice. So HansaCrew got interfaces to other databases and remote systems of manning agencies, travel offices or training providers. Thanks to that idea data arrives quicker in the system, it has less typos and wrong values and the operator saves the time and money by not copy and pasting already digitalized data.

But there was still one part excluded from this setup, which is the information collected during the service times of a seafarer on the ship itsself. There a lot of wage relevant data is recorded for the first time: How many overtime hours did the seafarer work, what are his consumptions in the canteen and what about his wishes to send parts of his salary home to his family? Data like this and many more occurs aboard and must be transferred to the office where the wage accounts are calculate and money transfers are done.

Many shipping companies revert to Microsoft office based solutions which are more or less customized to their needs. Data transfers consists then in sending excel files or similar by mail from where the contents will be manually copied to the systems used in the office. This is not only time consuming and a possible source of errors due to the manual transfer process. Worse than that it is also a waste of transporting bandwith because the the transported data ships always within Microsoft office files which are not optimized for using as little space as possible. And last but no least this setting introduces a problem which to cope with will take hours and hours of precious time from the IT system managers of the shipping company: the open and easily changeable setting of microsoft office programs. Repairing or simply reinstating a specific status of these programs is similarly common as it is annoying.

HansaCrew On Board, or with its short name ‘HOB’, is the solution to these issues. It is designed as a stand alone application which does not refer to other installed programs, databases or servers. And it exchanges data with the office using size optimized and zipped binary files. That the data is encrypted for transport and storage time to secure accuracy and privacy of your precious person related data is an additional benefit.

So thanks to the HOB also this gap could be filled in the most comfortable and convenient way.