Chapter 4 – Finding Mr. Right

HansaCrew for Training Coordinators

HansaCrew helps to identify training needs and simplify the process for making training reservations

Gunvald Hansen loves football. He was only six years old when his father took him to a match of Rosenborg Trondheim, one of the leading Norwegian football clubs. His father being the coach and manager of an ambitious amateur team, Gunvald discovered his interest for identifying and developing talent at an early stage. Now, at the age of 32, that is exactly what he does at Nor Tankers.

A while ago in a strategy meeting at Nor Tankers’ headquarters: the company’s management is discussing the personnel situation. Facing the fact that a lack of chief engineers is to be expected in the future, CEO Olav Akerson assigns Gunvald with the task to identify potential candidates for that position: “Gunvald, I need you to compile a list of potential chiefs. Of course, we’re looking for internal and external candidates but please make sure to check internal candidates first.” Gunvald confirms: “Consider it done. We have a number of promising 2nd engineers already working for Nor Tankers.”

Gunvald’s next step is to do some background research on the candidates’ licence situation, the certificates held, and their training needs for a narrower selection. As for the internal candidates, HansaCrew provides easy access to the decisive information, enabling Gunvald to quickly deliver the desired list, including a ranking of candidates.

Looking for Mr. Right in this framework, Lukasz is a sure shot. According to HansaCrew, he already holds a chief engineer license, and almost all of his certificates are up to par and valid. There is just one course he will have to pass yet. Using HansaCrew, his crew operator Eifrid and Gunvald have figured out both the right place and the right time: Lukasz will proceed to his RT-Flex training at the Oslo Maritime School in Norway right after completing his assignment on the Hedmark. Once time, place, and availability of candidates and trainings are clear, flights and accommodation need to be booked. In addition, a range of documents must be submitted to the respective training facility via an XML interface, once more a complex and time-consuming variety of tasks – unless a company and its employees use HansaCrew. Just a couple of mouse-clicks – done!

Back to today: in Houston, Lukasz receives his tickets and his training documents via email, packs his valise, and takes a cab to the airport. Looking forward to his training and the briefing for his first assignment as a chief engineer, he boards an Airbus 380 and is on his way to Oslo.