Chapter 6 – Early Bird

HansaCrew for Team Leader and Senior Crew Operators

HansaCrew helps to reduce risks and maximize resource utilization and productivity

First thing in the office, senior crew operator/team leader Gisela Bratseth, 33, switches on her computer and checks the tasks to be performed by Eifrid and the other six crew operators in her team for today.

Today, she directs her particular attention to Sigrid Johannson, who has moved to Oslo from Bergen a short while ago. Although she considers Sigrid a promising new member of her team, Gisela knows that there is a lot to learn in the beginning. After a couple of mouse-clicks, she calls Sigrid. “Good morning, Sigrid! I have just checked the manning states of your ships and noticed something we need to discuss. Can you come over to my desk for a minute?”

Crew operators can view their daily doings on every HansaCrew page. Senior crew operators, on the other hand, have access to start screens and personal task lists of all their team members. This way, HansaCrew enables awareness of their team members’ pending tasks with regard to both priority and timeliness to precisely plan any duties to come, e.g. booking flights and accommodation in case of handovers.

“Sigrid, first of all, I think you’re performing on a very good level. However, there is always room to improve.” Gisela points at the screen. “Let’ s check these icons together, please.”

Another helpful feature of HansaCrew enables the users to view doings not only of the present day but also of future due times, such as tomorrow, next week, or next month. All “doings” are shown on each crew operator‘s start screen in a “traffic light” display referring to the selected day. Yellow icons refer to tasks that need to be performed now or in the close future, while red ones indicate a call for immediate action. In case of green icons, there is no need to act on the respective day.

“We need to take a closer look at the flights.” Sigrid frowns: “What’s wrong with them?” “Look”, Gisela says, “all these flights here have been booked very late, some at the latest possible moment, and these flights over here haven’t even been booked yet. If you’d book them as soon as possible instead, the company would save a considerable sum over the year. Or, from a different angle: booking late means losing money. Unnecessarily.” Eyes opened wide, Sigrid replies: “I didn’t realize that.”

HansaCrew’s configurable log files record and store information on who has performed which task at what time. This way, Gisela knows whom to talk to in order to further develop the relevant users to optimize the workflow.

Gisela winks at Sigrid: “Don’t worry. Just make sure to book flights earlier from now on. Solvejg will kill you, if you ruin her annual budget, and I still need you here, okay?”