Chapter 2 – Minor impact

HansaCrew for Budget Controllers

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Chapter 2 – Minor Impact
At sea, Thomas Kowalski is an early riser. On the day before arriving at Houston, he gets up at 5:30 hrs in the morning. “Nothing like the smell of strong, black coffee in the rising sun”, the Hedmark’s captain thinks and prepares himself a steamy mug. Then he sits down with his laptop to do some paperwork.Hinzufügen

Over the years, ‘paperwork’ has become much easier than it used to be. First came the computers. Then, there were smaller computers and, finally, laptops. A new mass communication vehicle emerged: the Internet. At the same time, software solutions became more and more sophisticated. Today HansaCrew proves to be a powerful tool, significantly cutting down the time spent on the administration of crew members.

Via HansaCrew data interchange, Kowalski has already received Lukasz Lewinski’s wage slip. In addition, Lukasz has presented a number of travel expense bills that need to be settled. Thomas checks the bills and enters the slop chest transaction into HansaCrew.

At the headquarters in Oslo, Senior Crew Accountant Solvejg Andersen is notified by HansaCrew just before leaving the office for her lunch break. So she posts an “out for lunch” sign on her door and makes a mental notice to double check the bills in HansaCrew, to enter the corresponding amount into her accounting software, and to transfer it to Lukasz’ bank account as soon as she returns to her desk.

Solvejg is in love with numbers. Looking back on almost 25 years at Nor Tankers, she knows everything about the complex financial streams associated with seafaring. Hence, she is not only an accountant but also acts as a budget controller, being responsible for monitoring the annual budget of the company to keep it within the limits set by the management – a vital role in every company.

HansaCrew is a helpful tool in this context: later in the afternoon, Solvejg opens HansaCrew to calculate the budgetary impact of the expenses caused by the emergency relief aboard the Hedmark.

Fortunately, the software tells Solvejg that the nationality mix of the crew complement and, as a result, the budget have been kept according to plan so far. The expenses related to Lukasz’ flights back and forth as well as to his accommodation will be covered from the designated financial buffer. That also applies to his personal travel expenses. Hence, the financial impact is only a minor one. Satisfied with that, Solvejg decides to call it a day.